Sustainable Youth Challenge

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This webinar goes over YCAC and the Sustainable Youth Challenge

How it works


There are different levels of involvement within YCAC, and you will receive volunteer hours and leadership recognition based on your work.


Levels of involvement: (15 potential volunteer hours total)


1. Engage with our social media (15 minutes)

-Like, Follow, REPOST**, Tag us, DM with ideas, and sign our pledge to become a partner of YCAC 

2. a. Look at the "What We Do" page and research potential project ideas (1 hr)




    b. Attend one of our webinars (1 hr)


3. Plan to implement a project and submit a 1-2 page action plan for us to review (2hrs)


  •  This action plan should include the current status, what you wish to improve,

           and how you will make that improvement



4. Implement one project (4 hr)

  • Using the resources we provided on our website and 1-2 page document you created (with our feedback), implement a green-initiative in your home, school, or community.


  • This project should have quantifiable results that measure your positive impacts on the environment, community school, etc.


5.  a.) Implement another project (4 hr.)


     b. Start a YCAC chapter (4 hr. OR MORE!)

If you are interested in starting a YCAC chapter, please fill out this form


NOTE! Before moving to a new level, we ask that you EMAIL us a picture, video, or tag us in a social media post once you have completed a level for verification purposes. You will also be featured in an upcoming post, video, or on our website!


When does this have to be completed?

There is no "end-date" for this challenge; it's all up to you! But we recommend to get started soon. You do not have to do the steps of the challenge in order. 


Why should I do this?

This challenge when complete will give >15 hours of volunteer hours and leadership recognition to put on an application, resumes, etc. Not to mention, you would be helping the environment and making the world a better place.


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