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We started as a group of over 40 passionate students working to ensure our world becomes more environmentally friendly. The Youth Climate Action Coalition evolved from the Environmental Club at

Del Oro High School in Northern California; since our official establishing date, our organizations have spread our message to over 1,000,000 students through social media and have implemented our sustainable practices in hundreds of schools.

Board Members

Madison Situ

Executive Director


Madison Situ is a junior at Tenafly High School in NJ. She loves graphic design, film photography, biking, painting and gardening. In her free time, she is either following Bob Ross painting tutorials or watering her house plants, which has greatly contributed to her appreciation of the environment. Additionally, she is Girl Scout Ambassador and is currently working on her Gold Award project to implement a composting system at her school. She has always had a love for nature and is so happy to be working with YCAC to spread awareness through social media platforms and working towards a better future.

Kevin Malaekeh 
Kevin Headshot (1) (1).jpg

 Kevin Malaekeh is a senior at Del Oro High School. Growing up, Kevin always loved being outdoors, and he had an appreciation for nature. Living in California, Kevin experienced the effects of climate change first-hand. He was saddened by the disastrous effects that multiyear droughts and wildfires had on the environment around him. Starting in high school, he decided to take action on climate change by creating an environmental club and making his school and community more environmentally friendly. By creating this organization, he hopes to spread his message to schools and communities across America and help mitigate the consequences caused by climate change.

Co-Founder  I  Board Member

Jake Mccullough

Co-Founder | Board Member


Jake is a senior at Del Oro High school. He loves surfing, mountain biking, and enjoying the outdoors. His passion for environmental conservation grew as he saw the California wildfires threaten his home and the things he loves. As the smoke thickened in his area, he began to focus on environmental conservation. By being a leader in this organization, Jake hopes that he can make a difference both locally and globally. He hopes to make more people aware of environmental issues through this organization and provide opportunities for people to help the environment. As the organization’s Executive Vice President, Jake manages communication within the organization as well as media production. He leads teams in the design and production of media, whether it be flyers, videos, pictures and more.

Jack Galloway

Co-Founder  I  Board Member

Jack Galloway is a senior at Del Oro High School. He has always had a love for the outdoors, especially since his dad is an environmental science teacher. He loves to travel and fish during his spare time and has visited all 50 states and many National Parks. Having spent a considerable amount of his childhood outdoors, he understands the value and concern associated with maintaining sustainable practices. As Executive Director, he helps come up with new project ideas and campaigns and manages our team. He hopes to educate others about climate change and help communities across the nation to adopt sustainable practices

Morgan Mucha

Communication Director


Morgan is a sophomore from Chicago. She uses her leadership skills and outgoing personality to make positive changes within her community. In her free time, she is a true flower child. Her love for the outdoors includes hiking, biking, kayaking, and other miscellaneous adventures with her family. She takes pride in her vintage vinyl collection. She also plays guitar, Kalimba, harmonica, and ukulele. She also speaks Italian and has appeared in numerous television shows and a movie. In her downtime, she loves to paint and write poetry and stories. She loves to spend time with her family and pets. She has two dogs and three reptiles. She aspires to be a psychiatrist to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. But for now, Morgan will continue to take pride in the Earth we live on and help it any way she could in hopes of making a difference, whether big or small.

Applications Opening Soon...

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