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We are challenging other schools and communities around the globe to take a stand against climate change. By signing the pledge below, you take the first step towards a cleaner Earth. Once you sign the pledge, we will reach out to you and help you get started. We're so excited to work with you!

By signing the pledge, you are aiming to reduce your school or community's carbon footprint in an effort to combat the effects of climate change. We will reach out to you shortly to create a personalized climate action plan and help you become a satellite organization.

For any questions, email us at youth.climate.activist@gmail.com

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Traditionally, we host an in-person chapter system at schools. But, in light of Covid, we are excited to announce an alternative. In addition to our in-person chapter systems, we are hosting a virtual chapter system. Don't see a chapter in your state or area?This virtual chapter system on Discord, will allow YCAC members from all over the world to collaborate with each other. Currently, we have 50 Discord channels for each US state. If a YCAC member wants to start a new channel (chapter) for their specific community, school, or university, we ask that they look below to see if their area does not have leader and fill out the form below. If interested,  the form submitter can then be considered for the position of chapter founder/president. 

Esther Shon
esther s.jpeg

Esther has always been passionate about the environment and is so thrilled to be a part of this! Other than caring for the planet, she also enjoys painting (specifically watercolor), playing tennis, and cooking.

Alabama Chapter Leader

Jaisse Swan

Jaisse is passionate about dance and nature. She is so glad to be a part of this community.

Alaska Chapter Leader

Maria Halter

Maria is from Phoenix, Arizona. She is a sophomore at Boulder Creek High School and have done show choir for three years now and theatre for five years. She hopes to start an environmental club at her school and start a YCAC chapter there to get more kids involved in ways to help our earth as teenagers. She is a women’s rights, Black Lives Matter, and climate activist and always speaks her mind about what is important to her and encourage others to do the same because your voice matters and you are important. She is so excited to work with YCAC and help fight the climate crisis even further. 

Arizona Chapter Leader

Dheeksha Krishnan

Dheeksha is a senior at Bentonville High School in Northwest Arkansas. After growing up in "The Natural State," she found a special place in her heart for nature and its serene beauty. Dheeksha is a Bharatanatyam (a form of classical Indian dance) dancer and always enjoys sprawling out on the grass with a good book. She aspires to earn a major in Political Science with an emphasis on medicine and health.

Arkansas Chapter Leader

Diya Meeniga

Diya is a rising sophomore at Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, California. Some things you should know about her is that she is a very friendly person and loves to meet new people. She plays competitive soccer for her school and her club team, and she is a black stripe in taekwondo. She started to participate in many community service events when she was in the sixth grade and has been actively helping her community since then.

California Chapter Leader

Conor de Leeuw
image0 (1).jpeg

Connor is a senior from Denver, CO. Music and the arts are a big part of his daily life. He loves to play the violin and has been involved in his school orchestra as well as the Western States Honor Orchestra and Continental League Honor Orchestra for the past 2 years and is also the President of Tri-M Music Honor Society chapter. He volunteers at his local church frequently, play tennis and is also a cashier at his local grocery store. Additionally, he has 1 cocker spaniel, his name is Rusty. 

Colorado Chapter Leader

Hannah Cramer

Hannah Cramer is Connecticut’s chapter leader for YCAC. She is currently a senior in high school, pursuing the career of neuroscience. Hannah has worked alongside the University of Connecticut’s Natural Resources Conservation Academy, developing conservation projects in her town. She consistently advocates for climate change action both within her town and statewide. 

Connecticut Chapter Leader

Naiya Patel
Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 7.00.32 PM.jpeg

Naiya is a sophomore at the Charter School of Wilmington. She is very passionate climate change and everything YCAC does and can't wait to help.

Delaware Chapter Leader

Tejashree Vijay

Teju is a rising junior who’s trained in Indian classical dance and singing as well as 2D art styles. She enjoy history and geography and is an avid follower of cricket (the sport). She hopes to be a useful addition to the YCAC team as the Florida chapter leader.

Florida Chapter Leader

Morgan Mucha

Morgan is a sophomore in Illinois. She continues to use her leadership skills and outgoing personality to make positive changes within her community. She takes pride in her vintage vinyl collection. She also plays guitar, kalimba, harmonica, and ukelele. She also speaks Italian and has appeared in numerous television shows and a movie. In her down time, she loves to paint and write poetry and stories. She loves to spend time with her family and pets. She has two dogs and three reptiles. She aspires to be a psychiatrist to make a positive difference in other people’s lives. But for now, Morgan will continue to take pride in the Earth we live on and help it anyway she could in hopes of making a difference, wether big or small. 

Illinois Chapter Leader

Hanna Unton

Hanna is the YCAC state leader for Indiana. She is a junior in high school and is so excited to be a part of YCAC. A fun fact about herself is that I has been a vegetarian for 10 years!

Indiana Chapter Leader

Allison Mackyn

Allison is the state leader for Iowa. She has always been really interested in working to change the world, but because she was young, she didn’t know where to start. However, when she discovered YCAC, which helps younger people like her make a change, no matter how old they are, it was extremely helpful. She is excited to make a change. 

Iowa Chapter Leader

Catie Yoksh

Catie is a 15 year old rising high school sophomore. She is excited to be the state leader for Kansas and also takes part in the YCACW Women's World Project and YCAC Sustainable Youth Challenge and encourage others to as well! 

Kansas Chapter Leader

Lilly Clark

Lilly, is a junior in high school who is very invested in encouraging others to shape our future! She is 16 years old. She loves riding horses and cheerleading with her friends at school. She is excited to lead, learn, and make friends through YCAC while also making a positive change towards the environment.

Kentucky Chapter Leader

Nicole Nguyen

Nicole is 18 years old and is currently attending college. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Code: Green, an environmental news publication and she is now the YCAC state leader of Louisiana. She is super excited to not only be a part of such an amazing organization but to be able to incite change as well.

Louisiana Chapter Leader

Vanessa Hlastawa

Vanessa is a senior at Sanford High School. Climate activism has always been very important to her and she believes that it is up to us to make a change. 

Maine Chapter Leader

Angela Chou
YCAC Profile Image.jpg

Angela is a senior at Atholton High School. She is passionate about helping those in her community and taking initiatives to combat climate change through her independent research on the endangerment of sea turtles, her inquiries in American Environment and Agriculture under AgDiscovery at the University of Illinois, and her studies in Zoology under the John's Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Program. She is also in various clubs, serving as the secretary of the National Art Honor Society and the Logistics Officer of the Feed the Future Club. She hopes to reinforce the value and passion of YCAC and improve the general wellbeing of the environment by taking great actions to combat climate change.

Maryland Chapter Leader

Kyra O'Neill

Kyra is a 16 year old Junior at Austin Prep from Reading MA. She loves reading, music, and sports along with finding useful and creative ways to save our environment.

Massachusetts Chapter Leader

Zeinab Zreik

Zeinab is a Lebanese-American, and is a high school junior. She is a very optimistic and friendly person. She has a huge passion for giving a helping hand, whether it be for people or the biosphere as a whole. She dreams of seeing a world of positivity and good health, and supporting our environment is a great stepping stool.

Michigan Chapter Leader

Siana Smith

Siana is from Park County, Montana. She believes that living in such a beautiful state comes with the responsibility of caring for it, and she is ready to do whatever it takes to keep the beautiful parks and glaciers the way they are now. She is a public speaker and a leader. She is ready to have discussions about how climate change will effect immigration, food sustainability, foreign aid, and so many other humanitarian issues that will change with our world!

Montana Chapter Leader

Hannah Kriegler

Hannah is 17 and a high school senior. One of her biggest passions is science, and she is looking forward to working with everyone about environmental science. She plans on majoring in biochemistry in college and then heading off to medical school! She also has a passion for music and has played the viola for nine years.

Nebraska Chapter Leader

Aislinn Doherty

Aislinn Doherty is a junior at Oyster River High School. Her favorite part of the outdoors is the rivers and lakes near her house. When she was young, she loved to play in the water and the woods surrounding it. Now, she uses the river as a place to work on photography. In addition to photography, Aislinn enjoys reading, practicing other languages, and playing with her three dogs. She volunteers for a local End 68 Hours of Hunger program and her school’s Red Cross club, as well as spending a lot of time working at an assisted living facility. Aislinn likes to learn about environmental and human right’s issues because they inspire her to make a difference. She is excited to work with the YCAC because she wants to help provide that inspiration for others. 

New Hampshire Chapter Leader

Madhura Vitonde

Madhura is the NJ Chapter Leader and is so excited to be a part of YCAC. She is passionate about climate change and can't wait to take action.

New Jersey Chapter Leader

Feleecia Guillen

Feleecia Guillen is a senior at East Mountain High School located in Sandia Park, New Mexico. She enjoys playing volleyball, hiking, spending time in the great outdoors, planting flowers and plants, volunteering, building robots, and everything STEM related. Feleecia has a huge passion for helping those around her and for making the planet a better place. The environmental science class she took her junior year and the realization that there needs to be a huge change in the consumption of plastic has continued to fuel her zero-waste lifestyle and her desire to make an environmental change in her community and beyond, big or small. 

New Mexico Chapter Leader

Lauren Solovey
image0 (2).jpeg

Lauren is 16 years old and very passionate about math and science. She is also very passionate about saving wildlife and hopes to incorporate that into her future project in YCAC. 

New York Chapter Leader

Zion Abebe

Zion Abebe is an Ethiopian-American junior in high school who enjoys partaking in service & activism within her community. Some of her passions include running, traveling, and cooking. Through participating in local volunteer work for the environment, such as roadside litter cleanups, Zion learned of the simple ways to help the planet. Additionally, spending time in Ethiopia and seeing the many beautiful natural attractions, as well as how the people interacted with the environment, allowed her to cherish and value nature. By serving as state leader for YCAC, Zion would like to heavily promote fun and easy ways high school students and young children could help the environment, as well as engage the youth through service events by providing a new perspective to nature.

North Carolina Chapter Leader

Macee McClean

Macee McClean is 18 years old and she live in North Dakota. She is passionate about climate change and is super excited to be working with YCAC!

North Dakota Chapter Leader

Caledonia Joing

Caledonia is a 16 year old junior from Salem, Ohio and absolutely loves putting herself out there. She is very energetic and passionate about the people and issues she cares about. She always work as hard as she possibly can to get the job done. 

Ohio Chapter Leader

Kelsey Morgan

Kelsey is a junior at Sequoyah High School.  She is an enrolled member of the Chickasaw Nation, and is also Cherokee and Choctaw.  She has grown up surrounded by a culture that has a deep respect and understanding of the environment. Living in Oklahoma, Kelsey sees the effects people have on the earth everyday through fracking and air pollution.  She has been taught since she was young to appreciate the environment and recognize what the earth provides for her. She hopes to spread that message and strengthen her relationship with the environment through YCAC. 

Oklahoma Chapter Leader

Navya Verma
IMG_6980 2.jpg

Navya is very passionate about helping the earth, and tries to make an impact as much as she can. She loves the beach, and helps pick up trash and plastic whenever she has the oppurtunity. Navya strives to reduce her school's carbon footprint, and wants to make change happen.

Rhode Island Chapter Leader

Jazmyn Luckett

Jazmyn is a senior at Roosevelt High School in South Dakota. She enjoys policy debate, creating connections to her culture as a Native American, sewing, writing, and reading. She looks forward to using YCAC to better her community and promote eco-friendly ways of living. 

South Dakota Chapter Leader

Sanjana Sitaram
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.50.04 PM.png

Sanjana is a sophomore at Brentwood High School. She was born in Singapore and has lived in Germany, England, and now the US. These global experiences have given her an appreciation and understanding of different cultures and people. She is passionate about teaching refugees in Nashville basic English and Math skills, to help them have a stronger foundation in education and become more acclimated to a new environment. She also has a great passion for learning Bharatanatyam, India’s oldest classical dance. I have performed during Earth Day to bring awareness on ways we can promote clean and sustainable habits for our community. She looks forward to making contributions and educating citizens on the benefits of sustainability.

Tennessee Chapter Leader

Kennedy Bailey

Kennedy is a high school senior from Georgetown, Texas. She is a cheer captain at her high school and am she is super passionate about the medical field, but most importantly, she is so excited to be involved in such an amazing initiative to help our environment. 

Texas Chapter Leader

Sadie Gray

Sadie is 16 years old and is a high school junior. She enjoys art and is also a tennis player.

Utah Chapter Leader

All Kibria

All loves working out and being fit and also runs track. He loves to make new friends and is a car guy and sneaker head who tries to be a better person everyday.

Virginia Chapter Leader

Malika Tiwana
image0 (3).jpeg

Malika is 16 years old and is a high school junior at Interlake High School. She is very passionate about climate change and the environment and spends time volunteering at the Seattle Humane center. She is extremely excited for more opportunities to express her passion for climate change.  

Washington Chapter Leader

Ella Adkins

Ella is currently junior in high school and is very excited to be a part of YCAC! She enjoys running and participating in Speech and Debate. She is passionate about climate change because her home state, West Virginia, is such a large contributor and believes that the current youth have the ability to create a sustainable future. Excited for what’s to come!

West Virginia Chapter System

Paola Lacouture

Paola is 17 years old and is currently a senior at Colegio Karl C Parrish in Barranquilla, Colombia. In her free time you can always find her spending time with her friends and family. She live to serve others and leave her own special mark on this world. Helping the environment is something that she is passionate about since she finds it very important that everyone is aware of the current world situation we are living, climate change is real and we are still on time to take action.

Colombia Chapter Leader

Oliwia Rzepecka
image0 (2).jpeg

Oliwia Rzepecka is from Warsaw, Poland. Her hobbies include jazz dancing, learning new languages, traveling, volunteering and community involvement. Oliwia believes that everyday, we witness the ongoing destruction of our planet due to climate change. It will affect all living creatures, and extreme weather will cause mass destruction around us. If we keep ignoring scientific predictions in the name of productivity, the temperature will continue to rise. There is no way back, we must act NOW. Oliwia wants to become an activist, and help prevent climate change. She doesn't want her future children to worry about our planet heating up. She believes this is our final call.

Poland Chapter Leader

Alicja Balanda

Alicja is 17 years old and she is from Scotland. Her hobbies include art, fashion, watching movies, playing sports, and being creative. 
She is passionate about climate change because she believes it is something that affects every single one of us on this planet. She thinks it’s selfish not doing anything and leaving it for the future generations to deal with when it’s too late. Therefore she believe it’s important to get this issue to the top of the world’s agenda so that we can make the significant change to undo the damage and restore the Earth’s natural beauty.

Scottland Chapter Leader

Luisa Caetano Viana

Luisa is from São Paulo, Brazil. She is 14 years old and really likes to read, watch movies, spend time with her family and friends and go outside.
She is really grateful for the opportunity to work with YCAC and to do something to make our world a better place. She think it is time to make a difference and think about our future here, because there will be none if we stay the same.

Brazil Chapter Leader

Zahra Ben

Zahra Ben is a 17 years old, high school senior in Ontario, Canada! In her spare time she does martial arts, specifically karate and has been training for over 9 years now and absolutely loves it. Besides karate, she loves to do nails and basically any trend forced on her by TikTok. She has always been passionate about helping others and teaching people to do good. She believes that the only way to create change anywhere is to begin with a healthy foundation. By rebuilding our foundation, the Earth, into the best and healthiest version of itself, youth can truly impact everything else for the better.

Canada Chapter Leader

Elizabeth Kalusova

Elizabeth is originally from Slovakia, but I is currently studying in Sixth Form in the UK. 
She is 17 years old and loves yoga, skiing, and swimming when it comes to sports. She enjoys chemistry, biology, cancer biology, astrophysics and environmental biology. 
She believes that each person should be at least a little interested in climate change, because it's a serious and inseparable part of our lives. She believes it's important to talk about climate change, to think about climate change, and to educate people about climate change. She is a strong advocate for change.

Mexico Chapter Leader

Sara Hussin

Sara, is a 17 year old Egyptian with a passion for change to how we treat our planet Earth. She is from Egypt, but is currently living in the United States. Her hobbies include studying biology, reading literature, and hanging out with friends. Once in a while, she will visit Egypt and see for herself that there has to be significant change done to decrease the country's impact on the global climate. Ever since she visited in 2015, she has been passionate for climate change and coming together to come up with creative solutions to solve global problems together. 

Egypt Chapter Leader

Océane Billard
image0 (1).jpeg

Océane is a sophomore at Marie Curie High School in France and she is 15 years old. She loves playing the piano, listening to music, learning about issues that are going on in the world and speak about it. Her passion for climate change grew when she took conscience that climate change is very real when she saw the wildfires in Australia, in California and  in the South of France. Watching the degrees increasing every summer, seeing the oceans polluted by plastics, seeing the air polluted and  icebergs melting were truly eye-opening experiences for her. She believes that it is now or never to save our only planet.

France Chapter Leader

Tareem Asfour

Tareem is a 14 years old from Jordan. She enjoys reading, robotics, taekwondo, baking, and volunteering and helping out whenever she can. She started being passionate about climate change 2 years ago and considers herself the environmental representative of her class. She asked students to pick up their trash, cleaned up the play area after everyone left for classes, etc. She decided to take a bigger step and join the YCAC community to learn how to be a better ally to the environment! She is super excited to be a YCAC leader and to work with all Jordanians that want to create a change.

Jordan Chapter Leader

Khadyra Zayad

Khadyra is 15 years old and her hobbies include a number of sports - mainly volleyball, field hockey, and tennis. She believes climate change is a crucial issue since it affects everyone, the current generation, and future ones. Knowing what is going on in our world, and how fast climate change occurs, made her realize that it is our responsibility as a group to make change for a sustainable future. She lives near an island in Malaysia, and its beauty made her realize that the future generations might not have the same opportunity as her. She believes in taking action and aims to influence more people through climate action.

Malaysia Chapter Leader

Laetitia Exertier
image0 (3).jpeg

Laetitia is 15 years old and is a high school junior in Geneva, Switzerland, where she was born and raised. her hobbies include painting and dancing, although her main focus is piano. Considering she lives in a country known for its rural landscapes and nature, traveling has always opened her eyes on the degrading state of the world. She has always been environmentally aware and have tried to change her entourage’s attitude towards climate change. Her goal as a YCAC leader would be to spread awareness on climate change in her country where the population doesn’t realize the extent of this issue. 

Switzerland Chapter Leader

Serene Khalaf

Serene K. is Lebanese and 16-year old. Reading is her absolute favorite activity and she is really passionate about making a change. Serene wants to spread awareness about climate change and take action. 

Lebanon Chapter Leader

Roxana Ionita

Roxana is 15 years old and from Romania, Bacau. She is extremely creative and passionate about the environment. “Everything happens for a reason in life!” is a quote that resonates with her. She enjoys writing, singing, taking pictures, painting and spending. She had found an interest in the origins and causes of the environmental weather changes. She is also very determined to fight not only for her country's climatic problems, but for the whole world’s; bringing a small part into a whole project could change the climate of the entire world.

Romania Chapter Leader

Maddy Dunnett

Maddy is a 16 year old, high school student from New Zealand. She loves art, photography and many outdoor activities such as hiking and surfing. From a young age, she has been very passionate about the environment and doing everything she can to make a positive impact on this world. When she is older she hopes to become a doctor so she can continue making positive impacts on people's lives.

New Zealand Chapter Leader

Charlize Miranda

Charlize migrated from the Philippines to Melbourne, Australia when she was just one year old. Now fourteen, she loves animals, the environment and science; thus sparking her passion about climate change. In her spacetime she loves listening to music, watching Netflix, as well as performing musical theatre.

Australia Chapter Leader

Nina Feliciano
Nina Feliciano - photo.jpeg

Nina Feliciano is a freshman at Colegio Marista de Guaynabo in Puerto Rico. She enjoys
listening to music, reading, participating in political and economic debates, and collaborating
with others. Her passion for debating has led her to acknowledge the current climate situation
that the world is facing. After being born and raised in Puerto Rico, Nina has viewed firsthand
the aftermath of climate change left on the island. Through YCAC, she hopes to raise awareness
of climate change and the effects it has on the Earth.

Puerto Rico Chapter Leader

Nayli Mohamad

Nayli is 19 years old, born in Singapore. She was raised in several countries and travels often! Her travelling experience has allowed her to be more open-minded, as given her the chance to meet different people at every point of life with various traditions and cultures. More importantly, it widens her perspective on the climate issues in various areas and how individuals are doing their part in improving such situations. She hopes her journey and experience with YCAC will be a memorable and beneficial one.

Singapore Chapter Leader

Blanca Roman Peral

Spain Chapter Leader

Blanca is 16 years old, and is from Spain. She enjoys singing, dancing, and writing. Her passion for climate change started a couple of years ago when her biology teacher had the idea of setting recycling bins at her school. This year she will be transferring to a different school and knows that there will be many things to improve environmentally and she can't wait to make a difference.

Claudia Rawson

Claudia is a 17-year-old student at Taipei Kueishan School, going into her last year of high school. She is from Taiwan and enjoys mountain climbing and other outdoor activities like being in the woods, which devastated her to find out that the city she lived in underwent deforestation. She believes that taking action to protect the earth can help everyone live a cleaner and more sustainable life, and she is glad to be a part of it!

Taiwan Chapter Leader

Nikeeta Singh
WhatsApp Image 2020-10-19 at 9.24.59 AM.

India Chapter Leader

Nikeeta is a high school sophomore and is 14 years old. She enjoys Legal Studies and Political Science. She loves animals, especially horses because she is a horse-rider. Additionally she conducts several workshops and webinars regarding public speaking and has a podcast called ‘100% Thriving’ through which she shares her experiences and interviews several young entrepreneurs, activists and teenagers who are thriving in the 21st Century. I am also the co-founder, writer and editor of Beyond the Page, a blog that talks about several important matters and the view of teenagers on those. She has always had a love for nature. Finding out what climate change was life-changing. She soon decided to join the fight against global warming. She is forever grateful to YCAC for giving a platform to spread awareness!

International Leaders

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