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Along with our other initiatives aimed towards conservation, we have specific campaigns/projects, each with a distinct mission. Listed below are our current campaigns. Email us for more info on how you can get involved.

We teach local elementary students about environmental issues with annual visits.

Compost Video_Moment.jpg

We have implemented a composting program that saves over 20 lbs. of food scraps per week, reducing the amount of carbon emissions by over 1,972 lbs each year.

We collect old markers from classrooms used for white boards or drawing and send them to Crayola who then recycles them. Check out Crayola's ColorCycle program linked below.

Image by Annie Spratt

We have partnered with an organization called Thirst Project which aims to bring clean drinking water to communities in third world countries. We are currently trying to raise $12,000 to install a drinking water well in a community in Swaziland. Please donate to help us reach this goal. 

We are working with our town council, Cal EPA, and our waste management service to implement a city wide food scraps program.


We are working with the district board and state senate to pass new climate measures. Most notably, we work with board members in preparation for SB 1383, which will require organic waste to be removed from landfills.  

YCAC stands with Black Lives Matter. Check out our Youtube video regarding local protests. We have also linked resources below to start making a difference in regards to social inequality.

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