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How To Campaign 

Hey Everyone! Are you stuck at home? Running out of stuff to do? Well, look no further! Here at YCAC, we are creating a How-To Campaign for taking action against climate change at Home! 

How-To Compost at Home!

Composting at Home is an excellent way to go green during the COVID-19 outbreak. We've come up with a few simple steps to start your own composting pile!

STEP 1: Preparation.  First, you need a space to compost. 
For smaller amounts, use a standard 5-gallon bucket and drill holes on the sides. For larger yields, use a 25-100 sq. ft. space with enclosed walls.

STEP 2: Ingredients. The stuff you put in your compost pile is very important. Use typical household organic waste material (kitchen scraps, manure, fresh grass clippings and weeds, wood chips, and sawdust). You need a balance between low gas material (greens) and high gas material (browns) Typically, a 3:1 ratio of browns to greens is perfect. 

STEP 3: Management. Be patient! Mix your compost often and monitor the breakdown process. Within a month (depending on the load) you will have usable compost!

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