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Check out all the schools and communities that have started chapters below. Sign our pledge or find a nearby chapter to get involved. Afterwards, network with schools/chapters in your area through our Discord for more ideas on what you can do to take action! 


Make a Difference

We are challenging other schools and communities around the globe to take a stand against climate change. By signing the pledge below, you take the first step towards a cleaner Earth. Once you sign the pledge, we will reach out to you and help you get started. We're so excited to work with you!

By signing the pledge, you are aiming to reduce your school or community's carbon footprint in an effort to combat the effects of climate change. We will reach out to you shortly to create a personalized climate action plan and help you become a satellite organization

For any questions, email us at youth.climate.activist@gmail.com

Join the 10,000+ students worldwide and sign our pledge!


Traditionally, we host an in-person chapter system at schools. But, in light of Covid, we are excited to announce an alternative. In addition to our in-person chapter systems, we are hosting a virtual chapter system. Don't see a chapter in your state or area?This virtual chapter system on Discord, will allow YCAC members from all over the world to collaborate with each other. Currently, we have 50 Discord channels for each US state. If a YCAC member wants to start a new channel (chapter) for their specific region or school (or nation!), we ask that they look below to see if their area does not have leader and fill out the form below. If interested,  the form submitter can then be considered for the position of chapter founder/president. 

Esther Shon

Alabama Chapter Leader

Jaisse Swan

Alaska Chapter Leader

Maria Halter

Arizona Chapter Leader

Dheeksha Krishnan

Arkansas Chapter Leader

Diya Meeniga

California Chapter Leader

Conor de Leeuw

Colorado Chapter Leader

Hannah Cramer

Connecticut Chapter Leader

Naiya Patel

Delaware Chapter Leader

Tejashree Vijay

Florida Chapter Leader

Morgan Mucha

Illinois Chapter Leader

Hanna Unton

Indiana Chapter Leader

Allison Mackyn

Iowa Chapter Leader

Catie Yoksh

Kansas Chapter Leader

Lilly Clark

Kentucky Chapter Leader

Nicole Nguyen

Louisiana Chapter Leader

Vanessa Hlastawa

Maine Chapter Leader

Angela Chou

Maryland Chapter Leader

Kyra O'Neill

Massachusetts Chapter Leader

Zeinab Zreik

Michigan Chapter Leader

Siana Smith

Montana Chapter Leader

Hannah Kriegler

Nebraska Chapter Leader

Aislinn Doherty

New Hampshire Chapter Leader

Madhura Vitonde

New Jersey Chapter Leader

Feleecia Guillen

New Mexico Chapter Leader

Lauren Solovey

New York Chapter Leader

Zion Abebe

North Carolina Chapter Leader

Macee McClean

North Dakota Chapter Leader

Caledonia Joing

Ohio Chapter Leader

Kelsey Morgan

Oklahoma Chapter Leader

Navya Verma

Rhode Island Chapter Leader

Jazmyn Luckett

South Dakota Chapter Leader

Sanjana Sitaram

Tennessee Chapter Leader

Kennedy Bailey

Texas Chapter Leader

Sadie Gray

Utah Chapter Leader

All Kibria

Virginia Chapter Leader

Malika Tiwana

Washington Chapter Leader

Ella Adkins

West Virginia Chapter System

Paola Lacouture

Colombia Chapter Leader

Oliwia Rzepecka

Poland Chapter Leader

Alicja Balanda

Scottland Chapter Leader

Luisa Caetano Viana

Brazil Chapter Leader

Zahra Ben

Canada Chapter Leader

Elizabeth Kalusova

Mexico Chapter Leader

Sara Hussin

Egypt Chapter Leader

Océane Billard

France Chapter Leader

Tareem Asfour

Jordan Chapter Leader

Khadyra Zayad

Malaysia Chapter Leader

Laetitia Exertier

Switzerland Chapter Leader

Serene Khalaf

Lebanon Chapter Leader

Roxana Ionita

Romania Chapter Leader

Maddy Dunnett

New Zealand Chapter Leader

Charlize Miranda

Australia Chapter Leader

Nina Feliciano

Puerto Rico Chapter Leader

Nayli Mohamad

Singapore Chapter Leader

Blanca Roman Peral

Spain Chapter Leader

Claudia Rawson

Taiwan Chapter Leader

Nikeeta Singh

India Chapter Leader

International Leaders

State Leaders


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